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(OBS) Office-Based Surgery

 A premier patient experience.

Experience the Difference of Office-Based Surgery

Now cataract surgery can be done in the comfort of your physician's office with their specialized and caring staff. No more traveling to a hospital setting for surgery, you'll have your initial consultation, surgical procedure and follow up care done in our advanced facility for your convenience and to maximize your comfort.


Safety & Outcomes

Excellent Vision Outcomes

Highest Safety Standards

Minimized Exposure to Others


Type of Anesthesia – ORAL & TOPICAL

Pre-surgery Fasting Requirements - NONE

Pre-surgery History & Physical – IN OFFICE

Patient Experience

Hassle-Free Scheduling & Flexibility

One Location Convenience

Streamline Patient Care

Surgical Staff Specializing in Ophthalmic Procedures

One Convenient Location

Having surgery in our office-based surgical suite provides an optimal surgical experience utilizing the most advanced and innovative technology while ensuring the highest level of safety. We value your time and office-based surgery suite will provide streamlined care with the exceptional experience you deserve in a specialized and comfortable environment. Our office-based surgical suite provides a familiar staff that you already know and trust to ensure the most personalized and comforting care possible.

Our Office-Based Surgery Suite follows the same or more stringent safety standards and is accredited by the same national organizations as a hospital or ASC.

When you choose Office-Based Surgery, you will enjoy the benefits of:

✓ Hassle-free scheduling

✓ Reduced patient anxiety

✓ More flexibility and availability

✓ Ophthalmic-specialized staff

✓ Convenience of one location

✓ Consideration of your Time

Frequently Asked Questions


Is having surgery in an Office-Based Suite as safe as the hospital or ASC? Yes. Our Office-Based Surgery Suite follows the same or more stringent safety standards and is accredited by the same national organizations as a hospital or ASC. The main difference is that our surgical suite is customized specifically for ophthalmic procedures. In addition, the risk of being exposed to other patients is minimized. In our office, we have complete control over the patient flow to ensure every patient has a safe and personalized experience.


How much will my surgery cost and will my insurance cover it? Office-Based Surgery is considered a premium service and may require a minimal fee. This fee is comparable to the average out of pocket expense you would incur at other surgical facilities in our area and is separate from the surgeon fee. Many of our procedures are performed with mild sedation and do not require an anesthesia provider, resulting in cost savings to you.


Why do I need to sign an Out-of-Network Attestation Form? Your insurance provider may consider our facility out-of-network and not pay the allowable amount. It is important to us to keep your out-of­ pocket cost to a minimum; therefore, you will sign an Out of Network Attestation Form acknowledging that we will not balance bill you for any additional costs for having your procedure done at an Office­ Based facility.


What are the advantages of Office-Based Surgery? Office-Based Surgery is customized for ophthalmic procedures such as yours; therefore, patients experience a high level of satisfaction. Being able to offer clinic and surgery in one place allows us to provide a more streamlined and personalized approach to patient care. You will benefit from hassle-free scheduling, one location convenience, reduced surgery time, a premium environment, and a familiar staff who knows you.


How long should I plan to be at the facility? Although your procedure will only last about 15 minutes on average, you should plan to be at our facility for up to two hours to accommodate your pre-operative preparations and post operative instructions. Having a facility focused on ophthalmic procedures, we can offer much more controlled surgery times with streamlined processes compared to the normal four to six hours at other outpatient facilities, such as hospitals or ASC's.


Do I need to fast prior to surgery? In most cases you can eat and drink normally prior to your procedure without having to worry about fasting as most cases are able to be done with a low dose of oral anesthesia and topical drops.


Do I need to stop any medications? In most cases, you will continue to take all prescribed medications as normal. However, you should confirm with your physician.

What to Expect on Surgery Day

❖You must have a responsible adult bring you to and from our office.

❖Please take all your normal medications before arriving.

❖Please leave your valuables such as jewelry at home.

❖In most cases, you can eat a normal breakfast before arriving.

❖Please plan to spend one to two hours at the office.

❖We recommend that you to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

❖While you rest in the recovery area, we will go over instructions on how to care for your eye.

❖Once you're ready to go, your friend or family member can drive you home.


In recommending a mode of cataract surgery and a cataract replacement lens your eye care professional will take into account many aspects of your eye health. 


At Cape Fear Eye Associates, we offer the most advanced options to customize your vision based on your individual lifestyle needs.  Based on our findings during your upcoming examination, we will inform you of which lens is the best option for you. 

Contact Cape Fear Eye Associates for Cataract Surgery

If you are in need of cataract surgery, our North Carolina eye centers in the Fayetteville area can provide you with high-quality, state-of-the-art surgical treatment to successfully remove your cataracts and restore your vision.

To schedule an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists call 910-484-2284. 

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