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LASIK surgery with WaveLight® Refractive Technology

Choose a LASIK procedure optimized for your unique vision.

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Tired of Glasses and Contacts?

If you’re looking into LASIK vision correction, it’s probably because you know how much of a pain glasses and contacts can be. Sure, glasses can be a fashion statement, but they can also just get in the way. They’re a hassle during your favorite activities, and they block your beautiful eyes from the world. If they’re not getting smudged, they’re getting knocked off Contacts show your eyes off, but they’ve got their own set of problems. All the supplies you have to buy, the constant cleaning procedures and lost lenses – enough!

Now, imagine life without contacts and glasses – the simplicity, the freedom to do what you want without worry. That’s what LASIK surgery can give you. 

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wavelight refractive technology

What is WaveLight® LASIK technology with CONTOURA® Vision?
WaveLight® LASIK technology with CONTOURA® Vision is a kind of laser vision correction that gives your doctor the ability to map out the features of your eyes. It combines the latest surgical advancements into a procedure personalized for your ideal vision with more precise measuring of the cornea, increased treatment speed and fewer side effects. WaveLight® LASIK is effective at treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and more patients are treated on the WaveLight® platform than any other.  
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This system provides:

• Smooth treatments

• Great accuracy

• Proven safety

• Freedom from the limitations of glasses

Prepping for the procedure
Once you’ve decided that LASIK surgery is right for you, your doctor will run a series of tests to evaluate your vision, much like you would at a normal eye exam. This isn’t just eye charts and, “Can you read the top line?”, though – your surgeon will work with you to decide the treatment path that’s best for your eyes. You’ll discuss your vision problems, your goals, and your lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Your surgeon may even use a special scanning tool to create a personalized map of your eyes. Your doctor will then use all of this information to determine a personalized treatment 
plan, including exactly how your eyes will need to be reshaped for your best vision


LASIK SURGERY –The big day at last!
Start to finish, the LASIK procedure only takes a few minutes. Here’s the rundown:
• Before surgery begins, you’ll receive a series of anesthetic drops in each eye. These drops will numb your eyes and help ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure – most patients only feel some light pressure during surgery.
• Once your eyes are numb, you’ll be asked to lie down on a bed under the WaveLight® Workstation.
• The first step is flap creation – using the innovative WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser, your surgeon will 

create a precise flap, or door, in each cornea, exposing the underlying tissue so your surgeon can correct your vision.
• Once the flaps have been made, you’ll be shifted over to the other half of the WaveLight® Workstation – the advanced 
WaveLight® ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser – to begin the process of reshaping your eyes for better vision.
• Your surgeon will apply small, rapid bursts of the laser to carefully reshape your cornea – flat areas may be 
made rounder, curved areas may be flattened, etc. – making it that much closer to its ideal shape for clear, focused vision.
• Throughout this part of the procedure, you’ll be asked to focus on a small blinking light above you. Don’t worry if your eyes move a little bit – the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser uses sophisticated eye-tracking technology, so it can keep up.
• Once your eye has been properly reshaped, your doctor will put the flap back into place, where it will act as a natural 
bandage. No need for stitches here! 

And that’s it! In a matter of minutes, you’re good to go! All you have to do now is rest up, and get ready to enjoy the benefits of improved vision. 

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