Verion Image-Guided System 

The VERION™ Image Guided System is an entirely new way of looking at cataract refractive surgery. Instead of checking for refractive error at the end of the procedure, the VERION™ Image Guided System helps minimize potential sources of error during each step of the surgical process. From patient imaging to surgical planning to procedural guidance, the VERION™ Image Guided System is designed to help consistently hit the cataract refractive target.

Currently the VERION™ Image Guided System is used in six practices in the United States to include (Cape Fear Eye Associates, PA) and several outside of the United States. The goal is to use a single reference image of a patient among all of the devices while guiding and planning the patient’s treatment, as well as performing the treatment and tracking outcomes. It is a way to help standardize outcomes and reduce variability.

  • Improve clinical efficiency

  • Ensure surgical consistency

  • Optimize visual outcomes

Precise Reference Image for Registration and Tracking  While taking key diagnostic measurements, the VERION™ Reference Unit simultaneously takes a high-resolution, digital reference image of the patient’s unique eye, capturing scleral vessels, limbus and iris landmarks. This “fingerprint of the eye” is used to:

  • Register and track the eye throughout the procedure

  • Automatically imports all measurement data into the surgical planner and prepopulates data fields

  • Provide a visual reference of all incisions, capsulotomy and IOL positioning

Comprehensive Astigmatism Management 

The VERION™ Reference Unit also provides advanced astigmatism management to help minimize residual cylinder. This includes calculating:

  • Optimum incision locations

  • Toric lens power

  • Corneal relaxing incisions

  • Surgically induced astigmatism (SIA)

Allowing for complete customization, the VERION™ Image Guided System accommodates a full spectrum of surgical preferences and equipment.


VERION™ Digital Marker 
The VERION™ Digital Marker displays patient information and images from the Reference Unit to facilitate incision and IOL alignment. The system features a tracking overlay that aligns all incisions and IOLs in real-time, automatically compensates for cyclorotation, eliminates the need for manual eye markings, registers the patient for accurate centering and alignment of multifocal and toric IOLs and allows documentation of data to optimize procedures over time.