TrabEx ®

TrabEx ® 

Goniotomy is a safe, simple and effective procedure that promotes enduring IOP reduction by unroofing Schlemm’s Canal (SC). Unlike MIGS stents, which require a targeted approach to allow aqueous outflow, goniotomy exposes multiple clock hours of SC, and several collector channels. Goniotomy also allows surgeons to visualize the white outer wall of SC, confirming completion of the procedure, in a wide range of disease states.

The TrabEx is a premium excisional goniotomy device designed to excise diseased trabecular meshwork (TM) safely and efficiently.

TrabEx Features:


  • It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or combined with cataract extraction

  • The Serrated Dual Blade excises a strip of the Trabecular Meshwork

  • Can be connected to a standard I/A source or used without

  • Unique footplate guides tip along the contour of Schlemm's Canal

  • Viscoelastic is NOT needed