J.Wayne Riggins, OD, MD Testimonials

What Our Patients are Saying About Us!

I received very professional service from the staff and Dr. Riggins.  I was treated with respect by all of the staff that I had any interaction.  I would recommend Cape Fear Eye Associates to my family and friends.

This was my first time with Cape Eye Associates I am very pleased with the all the great Staff, my surgeon was DR.RIGGINS and everything went great thank you.

The staff is very professional and friendly.  Doctor Riggins is the best surgeon in the world and a loving tender hearted Doctor who will call to check up on his patients after surgery l have 5 different surgeries from 5 different doctors and not one ever call me at home. Thank you!  God continues to bless you and your family.

The staff are awesome! Dr. Riggins is wonderful

Dr. Riggins is a great surgeon with many years of experience! He did an excellent job on my mom's cataracts and eyelid surgery!

Outstanding service. Dr. Riggins, Dr. Stephenson and the entire staff are great. Would highly recommend.

Cape Fear Eye Associates, without a doubt, provides the best care when it comes to something as important as your eyes.  My physician is Dr. J. Wayne Riggins.  He is very confident in what he does and will work very closely with the patient to make sure that he provides the very best care possible.  This is an A-1, first class facility with an excellent atmosphere.  A place where you can feel relaxed no matter what your reason is for visiting.  They are current and up-to-date with equipment that helps them to deliver excellent care.

Cape Fear Eye Associates has provided the best eye care I have had in 75 years of being treated. Dr. J. Wayne Riggins, OD, MD is the best. He is caring about his patients, calls after surgery to check that all is well and any questions which need answered that you forgot to ask. I highly recommend him to anyone needing eye surgery's from my cataracts and astigmatism, any scar residuals, I'm 20/20 no glasses anymore. Just finished blepharoplasty and eye lids you can see once again. Again an awesome job Thanks Dr. Riggins for giving me clear sight again.

Dr. Riggins is my hero! His concern and skills went far beyond anything I expected. He just completed cataract surgery on both my eyes and I am in awe of my improved vision. Both he and the entire staff were phenomenal! I couldn't be happier with all they've done for me.

Just had eye surgery with Dr. Riggins and I was very happy with the entire process and the results on my eyes.  Everything went as planned and I would recommend the practice and Dr. Riggins to anyone looking for a great experience!

This office is a pleasure to visit.  The staff is always very professional!  Shelly Smith was a delight to work with for my testing.  I really enjoyed meeting and talking with Dr. Riggins and his nurse.

I highly recommend Cape Fear Eye. I have been seeing Dr. Riggins for over 30 years.

LASIK surgery went better than expected. I would recommend Dr. Riggins to anyone looking to correct their vision!

The front desk staff is very prompt to get me checked in and always with a smile and very friendly.  The technician Heather Mason is very thorough in her exam and addressing any concerns that I may have.  By the time I see my Dr. Dr. Riggins she has already reviewed my chart with him addressing my concerns.  Dr. Riggins takes his time with me, explaining what is going on with my eyes and his plan of action.  Always ensuring the greatest of care.  Jennifer Rogers is always very pleasant to be around.  I'm certainly glad that I have the staff at Cape Fear Eye associates taking care of my eye health.

I recently had my cataracts removed about a month apart. I had the second surgery yesterday (March 3, 2015). I like the continuity of care among the staff members of Cape Fear Eye Associates. For example, there is an organized flow from the technicians assessing and measuring the eyes for proper lens size, to Dr. Riggins discussion regarding the cataract removal, to Tammy who handles schedules and medication regimens prior to surgery, to the actual day of surgery, followed by an evening phone call from the surgeon asking how I am doing, followed by the next day appointment to assess the results of the surgery with a schedule to manage the eye drops. This is then followed by Dr. Krempecki examination about two weeks after the surgery to assess my vision. I also am including a special shout out to the various technicians who were involved in the whole surgical process from the initial determination that I needed cataract removal to the actual day of surgery.  Wish I knew more names.

Dr. Riggins performed my cataract surgery in an outstanding manner. His staff was very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Riggins to anyone that needs this type surgery. Thanks - Roger H Crouch

I like my new ophthalmologist, Dr. Riggins, very much. He is precise,, thorough, careful and kind. His assistants were also. I love that I didn’t have to wait and wait and wait. That was wonderful. As seen on time and went through the appointment without waiting. I felt good and positive from this experience.

My husband’s experience with Dr. Riggins has been very positive. Having cataract surgery in both eyes Dr. Riggins has made my husbands vision so much better. He treated myself and my husband with the upmost respect. I would encourage anyone to visit Dr. Riggins.  Thank you for all you have done for my husband. - Cyndy Garrity