Leah Bonaparte, MD Testimonials

What Our Patients are Saying About Us!

Great experience, thank you for the successful assessments and surgery! Highly recommend for esotropia issues. Dr.Bonaparte is exceptional.

My 4 year old granddaughters  first experience with Cape Fear Eye Association was  great! My grandbabies was very comfortable with  April and Dr. Leah Bonaparte excellent job!!

Dr. Bonaparte and the Cape Fear nurses are AMAZING and unbelievably patient and professional. They work with small children and do an amazing job with caring for your little ones.

My 4 year old granddaughters  first experience with Cape Fear Eye Association was  great! My grandbabies was very comfortable with April and Dr. Leah Bonaparte excellent job!!

I can go on and on and on about this facility, but I will try and keep to short :  ) I am please and overall ECSTATIC that I came across this facility and wonderful staff. I was doing my research on the internet trying to find a good pediatric physician for my 5 year old daughter who has been having issues with her eyes for almost 2 years now, I came across this facility and decided to try them out.  After reading Dr. Bonaparte's credentials and experience...I KNEW THIS WAS IT!!

From the time I made the appointment to the time I showed up to the facility my family and I were pleased with the staff...not to point anyone out but when credit is due I MUST give it.  The young lady that checked us  in...sorry can't remember her name but she was very helpful, her smile was welcoming and she made sure that my pre-filled paperwork was done correctly, Holly....OH MYYYY!!! There is so much is so much I can say about her...she has great knowledge of her job, she answered all my questions to the best of her ability, she made us feel welcomed and most of all she was absolutely great with my children...my husband and I were pleased to have meet her, she took her time and walked my daughter through everything...she is/was GREAT!! 

Dr.Bonaparte...SHE IS WONDERFULLLLL!!!  She is/was everything my husband and I were hoping for, instantly when she walked into the room, she made us feel welcomed, comfortable, nothing was rushed, she explained EVERYTHING to us, she is very pleasant, her energy was great, I loved how my daughter instantly gravitated, she made sure that was she wanted and expected was outstanding and her recommendations were/are accepting and most of all my daughter loved her and she is really hard to please when it comes to her eyes.  

This facility is lucky to have these 3 wonderful ladies working here, we are pleased and delighted to have come here and to have meet them.  Keep up the good work ladies!! You ladies ROCK!!!!  See you all soon!!
If anyone is looking for a pleasant and friendly eye care facility for children..Cape Fear Eye Associates is the place to GO!!