ACEP Smart Mirror

The ACEP Smart Mirror is an all-in-one hardware and software system featuring a 19” touch screen and high-resolution camera that will enable patients to view themselves in up to four frame styles on a display screen. Each image may be enlarged to a full-screen view and the frame selection may be changed at any time to view additional styles.


Frame selector

Learn and compare the various lens materials and styles available. Our staff can enter your prescription and the system provides accurate lens thickness and weight comparisons. You can see the lens details to help make your decision on the right lens for you and your lifestyle.

Other features include: Anti-reflective treatment simulation, photochromic & polarized lens simulation, 3-D animations and videos.

frame calculator


Stop by one of our optical shop locations at 1629 Owen Drive or 1726 Metro Medical Drive, Fayetteville and try out the new Smart Mirror system.



The iPad takes all measurements needed to make eyeglasses precisely with no room for error. The measurements are then sent to our lab for a perfectly fitted digital lens.