IMPORTANT Information for patients regarding New Medicare Card

Key Points to Remember

  • Medicare will mail new cards between April 2018 – April 2019.

  • To help prevent identity theft, new cards won’t include Social Security numbers. Instead, each person will get a new unique Medicare Number.

  • You don’t need to do anything to get a new card, but you should make sure your mailing address is up to date. Visit or call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778) to correct your mailing address, if updates are needed.

  • Medicare WILL NEVER call and ask for personal information before sending new cards, so don’t share your Medicare Number or other personal information if someone calls and asks for it.

  • Medicare will mail more information with the new cards – check for the latest updates.

“Guard Your Card” What you Should Know


  • Con artists are trying to get your Medicare number so they can steal your identity and commit Medicare fraud

  • Guard your Medicare card like it’s a credit card

  • Give your Medicare number only to those you know should have it

  • To protect your identity, new Medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year.

  • Fight fraud by protecting your Medicare number

  • Medicare won’t call you uninvited for your Medicare number

  • Be alert about suspicious activities to enroll you in a Medicare plan

  • Early bird discounts

  • Limited time offers

  • Offers of free medical services

  • Call 1-800-MEDICARE to report suspected fraud. Visit or your local SMP for more information.

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