Retinal Surgery

If you have a detached retina, you will most likely need retinal surgery to correct the problem. Although it might initially look like a small problem, the whole retina might peel off, causing total vision loss. You need to seek immediate medical attention. Cape Fear Eye Associates PA in Fayetteville has an excellent reputation for eye care services and ophthalmology treatments, including retinal surgery.

Retinal Surgery

Types of Retinal Surgery

The type of retinal surgery that your surgeon recommends will depend on your diagnosis. A few of the most common types of retinal surgery include:

Pneumatic Retinopexy

This surgery is mainly used for uncomplicated retinal detachments. Pneumatic retinopexy entails a surgeon injecting a small air bubble into your eye to push the retina back in place. Later, the doctor uses laser therapy or cryopexy treatments to repair any tears or holes.

Your retina specialist will direct a laser beam through your pupil during the procedure. This will make burns around the tears, creating scarring to weld the tears. On the other hand, cryopexy entails applying a freezing probe directly over the tear but on the eye’s outer surface. This freezing causes scarring that helps bind the retina to the eye's walls.

Scleral Buckle

During a scleral buckle surgery, the surgeon will identify the area where the retina has detached. We will attach a tiny band around the sclera to help push the eye's sides towards the retina. Next, we will use follow-up procedures like laser treatment to repair any tears.

Eye Care after Retinal Surgery

After the retinal surgery, you might need to stay in a hospital for a few days. Also, depending on the severity and the type of surgery, it may take a few weeks before your vision improves.


Research shows that retinal surgeries are 90% successful. However, some patients will need further treatment. Some patients may also have complications after surgery, although these are often temporary. Such complications include:

  • Double vision
  • Eye infection
  • Glaucoma
  • Allergic reactions to medication
  • Bleeding in the eye

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