Kahook Dual Blade

Kahook Dual Blade ® 

The Kahook Dual Blade® (KDB) is a high-tech, single-use ophthalmic blade that is used to treat glaucoma, typically performed at the time of cataract surgery. The outpatient procedure is quick and painless, with the post-operative recovery quicker than most other glaucoma treatment options. With a low risk of leaks or infections, the KDB is an excellent and safe option to treat your glaucoma.

The Procedure?
The Kahook Dual Blade® is intricately designed to allow surgeons to release intraocular pressure (IOP) by making tiny incisions in the trabecular meshwork and the wall of the Canal of Schlemm. It is inserted in the eye through a clear corneal micro incision. The groundbreaking, micro-engineered steel body is specifically designed to produce targeted, fine-tuned incisions for an effective glaucoma treatment.

The cutting-edge Kahook Dual Blade® consists of several components:


  • Surgical-grade stainless steel

  • Sharp tip for painless incision

  • Long, narrow shaft to allow for seamless access to the anterior chamber

  • Dual blades for simultaneous incisions to the tissue

  • Ramp technology for accurate positioning of the device

  • Foot plate to create smooth motion and prevent tissue damage

Kahook Dual Blade® Video