Intacs Corneal Implants


Intacs® Corneal Implants are intended for the reduction or elimination of myopia and astigmatism in  patients with keratoconus who are no longer able to achieve adequate vision with their contact lenses or spectacles, so that their functional vision may be restored and the need for a cornea transplant procedure may potentially be deferred.

The specific subset of keratoconic patients proposed to be treated with intacs corneal Implants are those patients:

  • Who have experienced a progressive deterioration in their vision, such that they can no longer achieve adequate functional vision on a daily basis with their contact lenses or spectacles

  • Who are 21 years of age or older

  • Who have clear central corneas

  • Who have a corneal thickness of 450 microns or greater at the proposed incision site and

  • Who have corneal transplantation as the only remaining option to improve their functional vision.

What are the benefits of Intacs® Corneal Implants?

  • For the treatment of keratoconus

  • FDA approved for the treatment of myopia

  • Defer corneal transplants

  • Stabilizes & reshapes cornea to more natural state

  • Normalized cornea shape allows easier contact lens fittings

  • Restores contact lens tolerance

  • A reversible procedure with a short recovery period

  • Reduces chair time for contact lens fittings



Will insurance cover this procedure?

While many insurers may reimburse for treating keratoconus, it may still be necessary to work with your physician to supply your insurance company with further information. SightLife Surgical is dedicated to providing continual education to insurers on the Intacs® procedure.

Are Intacs® right for me?

Consult with your eye care doctor to determine this. Patients who have had the most benefit from Intacs® have been diagnosed with keratoconus, are 21 years old or over, have minimal thinning (no less than 450 microns thick), do not have corneal scarring, and are interested in an alternative to corneal transplant to improve functional vision.


Will Intacs® cure my keratoconus?

No. There is no current cure for keratoconus. Intacs® can reshape and stabilize irregular corneas to improve functional vision and make contact lens wearing tolerable. It may delay the need for a corneal transplant.

How long is the Intacs® procedure?

The procedure usually takes about 20 minutes. They are removable and placement can be adjusted if needed.

How long before I can resume my normal daily activities?

Generally non-contact physical activities within one month are safe. It is recommended that each patient consult with his/her eye care doctor regarding post-op care specific to the patient’s customized procedure.


Are Intacs® approved by the FDA?

Intacs® was granted approval under the FDA Humanitarian Use Device Exemption (HDE) in 2004.

Device Description

Intacs® Corneal Implants are an ophthalmic medical device designed for the reduction or elimination of myopia and astigmatism in patients with keratoconus (KC) so that their functional vision may be restored and the need for a corneal transplant procedure can potentially be deferred. When placed in the corneal stroma, outside of the patient’s central optical zone, the product reduces the cone by flattening the cornea and for non-central keratoconus, repositions the cone centrally. Intacs segments are designed to be placed in the periphery of the cornea, at approximately two thirds depth, and are surgically inserted through a small radial incision in the corneal stroma. The placement of the incision will be typically temporal, however may vary depending on the astigmatic axis and the amount of keratoconus present in the specific eye to be treated. The Intacs segments are to be placed equidistant on each side of the incision. The Intacs product has been designed to allow removal or replacement, if desired.

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