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Welcome to the Cape Fear Eye Associates Optical Shop

At Cape Fear Eye Associates, our goal is to provide you with the most advanced corrective lenses available at an affordable price. Everyone has different vision requirements for accomplishing daily tasks, keeping up with work, and enjoying leisure activities. Our trained and experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists have extensive knowledge of the many lens options available and are dedicated to customizing your vision treatment.

During your comprehensive eye examination, our eye specialists will evaluate your particular vision needs and match them to the type of lens best suited for you. We offer a wide selection of lenses, frames, contacts, and vision supplements for you to choose from.

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10 Reasons to Purchase from Our Optical Shop  

  1. Quality Craftsmanship – Your eyewear is custom made in a state-of-the-art lab. We double check your prescription to ensure accuracy.
  2. Experience and Service – Our opticians are highly-trained professionals who will work closely with your doctors to provide you with the best fit for your visual needs.
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – 30 day satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.
  4. Eyewear Packages – Complete eyewear packages available to fit your budget needs.
  5. Best Selection – Over 500 frames including today’s top designers featuring Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, BCBG, and many more.
  6. Advanced Technology – Glare Free Crizal treatments, Varilux digital progressive lenses, Transition lenses, Ultra thin Hi Index lenses, Polarized lenses and Computer lenses.
  7. Price Guarantee – This means you will always pay the lowest price for your glasses.
  8. Specialty Eyewear – Sports goggles, golf eyewear, swim goggles, tennis eyewear, fishing eyewear, eyewear for every need.
  9. Lost Eyewear Protection – Protect your eyewear against loss by purchasing our extended protection plan.
  10. One Stop Shop – Conveniently located in our practice. Stop by for free cleaning and adjustments for the life of your eyewear.


About our Optical Shop and Services


Cape Fear Eye Associates offers a wide array of frames, lenses, lens coatings, and more so that you can select the best combination of products to match your eye care needs as well as your sense of style. With an extensive line of designer eyewear, cutting-edge lens materials and coatings, sunglasses, computer glasses, and more.

Frame Selection 

From Calvin Klein®, Nike®, BCBG Maxazria, Michael Kors, and BeBe, we have the frames to fit any personality and lifestyle. Our extensive line includes frames made by the following designers:

  • BeBe
  • Bellagio
  • BCBG Maxazria
  • Brendel
  • Calvin Klein®
  • Charmant®
  • Clear Vision
  • Cole Haan
  • Diane Von Furstenberg                                    bigstock-Beautiful-Woman-Wearing-Glasse-12035102
  • Easy Clip
  • Fitovers®
  • Izod®
  • Koali
  • Light Tec
  • Maui Jim
  • Michael Kors
  • Nautica
  • Nike®
  • Nine West®
  • Oga
  • OP®
  • Ray Ban
  • Readers
  • Silhouette®
  • Sophia Lauren
  • Stetson
  • Tura

Lens Designs

To meet everyone’s needs, Essilor proposes many different lens designs:

Single vision and progressives: both benefiting from the Essilor’s know-how in terms of sight correction. They bring advanced technologies into play to give you the most clarity and comfort in your eyeglasses.

Personalized lenses : tailor-made lenses fitted taking into account your visual behavior thanks to personalization parameters, directly measured at the optical

Activity lenses : some activities are more demanding in terms of vision: work on the computer (screen), driving, practicing sports,…. Specific designs guarantee a unique efficiency and comfort of vision.

Essilor Idea Fit

A symmetrical design allowing both eyes to work together, leading to effortless vision
· A soft design that allows quick adaptation MFH
· Optimizes vision with wider corridors and reduces eye strain

Essilor Ideal™ Advanced; a Digitally Engineered Progressive for Effortless Vision
· Tailors the Lens Design to Individual Rx Requirements

Lens Types

The quality of your lenses can have a significant impact on your vision. At Cape Fear Eye Associates, we offer high-quality, technologically advanced lenses in a variety of materials, types, and sizes.

Premium Progressives Lenses

  • Comfort 2 Enhanced – Digital State-of-the-Art No-Line Progressive Lens
  • Definity – Digital State-of-the-Art No-Line Progressive Lens for Active Lifestyles
  • Small Fit – Digital State-of-the-Art No-Line Progressive Lens for Designer Frames

Single Vision Lenses

Available in the following materials:
CR-39 (plastic)
High Index (plastic)


Lined Bifocals

Available in the following types:

Straight Top 28
Straight Top 35 and 45
Blended Segment
Double D 28 and D 35


Available in the following sizes:
7×28 mm
8×35 mm

Lens Materials

Whether you would like sunglasses, transitional lenses, or light-weight glasses, we have a lens material that is just right for you. Review our selection of lens materials below and contact our optical centers if you have questions.

Trivex™: Tri-Performance Lens

Trivex™ Tri-Performance lenses are ultra lightweight and impact resistant, even stronger than polycarbonate lenses. These superior vision aides are available in:

  • Single Vision
  • Flat Top 28 Bifocals
  • Progressive Addition Lenses
  • Transition Gray or Brown

High Index Materials

High index materials reduce lens thickness and are an excellent choice for high-powered prescriptions. These optics are available in:

  • 1.60 index of refraction
  • 1.67 index of refraction
  • 1.74 index of refraction


Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant. The thinness of these lenses provides excellent cosmetic appeal.


Sunglasses eliminate daytime glare and protect the eyes from sunlight. We offer sunglasses in:

  • Polarized Lenses (to dim light)
  • UV Blocker (to eliminate glare from roads, snow, and water)

Come to our Fayetteville location to see our exclusive collection of Maui Jim, Michael Kors, Nautica®, Ray Ban, Nike®, Calvin Klein sunglasses — all available at an affordable price.


The following is a list of how polarized sunglasses can help enhance specific activities we all take part in.

JOGGING/RUNNING: Polarized photochromics adapt to changing conditions. Gray or gray-green is typically best for bright sun and true color viewing, while brown provides visual contrast and definition.

HIKING/CLIMBING/MOUNTAIN BIKING/CYCLING: Yellow-based tints/copper in medium density for visual contrast and definition. Photochromic polarized may work for some, but cyclists may prefer non-photochromics for rapidly changing light conditions.

SNOW SKIING/ SNOWBOARDING: Amber/brown is contrast-enhancing—amber in low light (clouds) and brown for brighter light (full sun). Rose/vermillion hues also offer high contrast with reduced glare. Dark amber works well in high altitudes and/or bright light.

CYCLING OR MOTORCYCLING: Polarized photochromics may be the best choice, because the lens’ changeability adapts to various environments and conditions. Polarization may also make hot road surfaces look slimy, oily or shimmery, which for some can cause visual confusion and loss of performance and safety.

OUTDOOR CONTACT SPORTS: Football/soccer: Light (low light conditions) to dark (bright light conditions) gray or polarized photochromic gray.

BASEBALL: High-contrast gray, brown, or green; brown or green are best for viewing the baseball against the sky or grass.

SHOOTING SPORTS: Hunting: Brown/copper for bright light; yellow/amber for low light.
Target/sporting clay/trap shooting: Medium orange or copper helps define objects and enhance contrast.

WATERSPORTS:  Skiing/Jet skiing: Dark gray for bright sun; light to medium gray in cloudy or low light conditions.
Surfing/Wakeboarding: Yellow/light copper for low light conditions and brown for sunny conditions for visual definition. Gray can inhibit reading the water.
Boating: Dark gray or dark brown in mid-day, bright sunlight. Vermillion/rose for dawn and dusk.
Kayaking: Yellow/light copper for hazy conditions; gray for bright sun.

Deep, dark or “blue” water (e.g., open ocean): Gray
Shallow “brown” water (e.g., streams): Brown/copper
Grassy-bottomed water: Green

TENNIS/RACQUET SPORTS: Yellow-based tints and specialty tints (e.g., blue/teal) that highlight the yellow tennis ball.

GOLFING:  Fairway: Gray and gray-green are neutral and provide true color perception, which some golfers prefer, while brown/copper/amber hues increase contrast and object recognition, like a white golf ball against a blue sky or green grass.
Greens: Both medium copper and orange help players read the breaks, while dark copper/brown works best in bright sunlight.
Overall: Brown polarized photochromics change density with changing course conditions

Computer Glasses

We offer Access® Computer Lenses, which allow for clear viewing of the computer and nearby areas, while maintaining clarity up to approximately seven feet away.

Lens Coatings

Lens coatings can help to protect both your lenses and your eyes. We offer lens coatings for people who are sensitive to light and glare, as well as for those who would like to keep their lenses scratch-free. The following lenses are available at our practice:

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses remain clear while you are indoors but can change to a dark gray or brown when you go outside on a sunny or even an overcast day. They provide you with protection from harmful UV rays, decrease glare, and increase your level of comfort, especially if your eyes are sensitive to light.

Antireflective Coating

Antireflective coating is a great option to decrease troublesome glare and reflections. They also eliminate reflections on your lenses in photographs. Additionally, antireflective coating is a great option for patients with cataracts, who are particularly subject to glare due to the cloudiness of their natural lenses.

Scratch-Free “Hard” Coats

Hard coats help to prevent scratches from forming on your lenses and generally make lenses last longer than those without a protective coating.

General Eyewear Care Guide

  • Your eyewear is customized for your vision, and should not be worn by anyone else.
  • Always take your glasses on and off with two hands.
  • When eyewear is not on your face, always keep in your case.
  • If your case is not available, never place glasses lens side down.
  • Stop in regularly for adjustments.

Cleaning Instructions 

  • Spray lenses with AR coat safe, eyeglass cleaner. If not available run under warm water to remove debris.
  • Wipe lenses with a clean micro fiber cotton cloth.
  • Cloths are recommended to be cleaned with dish soap and warm water weekly. Let air dry.
  • Rubbing alcohol will remove hairspray and excess oil.
  • NEVER use Windex or ammonia based cleaners on your eyeglasses. This will remove any coatings applied to the lenses.

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AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses are the newest addition to the AIR OPTIX® family of breathable* contact lenses that lets you focus on your life, not your contact lenses. They provide stunning eye color and outstanding comfort. And their monthly replacement schedule is easy to remember.

To learn more and virtually try on different colors with your own uploaded photo click on Air Optix Color Studio below.

color studio

Contact Lenses

At Cape Fear Eye Associates, we offer a large selection of contact lenses — including colored contacts, bifocal contacts, gas permeable contacts and custom prosthetic contact lens — to ensure that there is a contact lens type for every patient’s needs.

Patients with dry eye syndrome, for example, have many options when looking for the contact lens material best suited for their condition. Because we use the latest, most sophisticated contact lens materials available, patients no longer have to view dry eye as an obstacle.  Our extensive selection of ACUVUE® Oasis, Extreme h30®, and Proclear® Compatibles can make wearing contact lenses a comfortable option for patients affected by this condition.

Soft Contact Lenses

Bausch & Lomb
Bausch & Lomb Logo
PureVision® Toric
PureVision® Multifocal
Alcon ®
Air Optix Night and Day™
Air Optix
Dailie Aqua Plus Comfort
Cooper Vision Logo
Biomedics® Toric
Biomedics® Premier
Biofinity Toric
Frequency® 55 Aspheric
Frequency® 55 Toric
Frequency® 55 Toric XR
Proclear® Compatables
Proclear Multifocal
Proclear® Toric
Vistakon Logo
1-Day ACUVUE® Moist
ACUVUE® Advance Plus
ACUVUE® Advance for Astigmatism
ACUVUE Oasys for Astigmatism
ACUVUE Oasys for Presbyopia

Soft Colored Contact Lenses

  • ACUVUE® 2 Colours
  • FreshLook® Colors
  • FreshLook Color Blends

Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses

  • ACUVUE® Oaysis for Presbyopia
  • Frequency® 55 Multifocal
  • PureVision® Multifocal
  • Proclear® Multifocal

Gas Permeable (GP) Contact Lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses provide an effective means of attaining great vision while maintaining excellent oxygen permeability to the eye. By reducing corneal irregularities, GP lenses help resolve a wide variety of vision problems, thereby optimizing patients’ visual potential. Helping to correct large amounts of astigmatism, irregular astigmatism, presbyopia, and refractive errors, GP lenses can be an excellent way to achieve optimal vision.  The categories of GP lenses available at Cape Fear Eye Associates are:

  • Aspheric GP lenses
  • Bridge GP lenses
  • Keratoconic lenses
  • Super Add multifocal lenses
  • Toric lenses
  • Progressive multifocal lenses

SynergEyes® Hybrid Contact Lenses

SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses represent one of the latest technologies in vision correction. The SynergEyes® family of contact lenses merges the comfort of a soft contact lens with the optical properties of a gas permeable lens to optimize both vision and comfort. Lenses are designed with a soft contact lens edge and a gas permeable contact lens center. Lens designs are available for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatic, keratoconus, and postsurgical correction.

Custom Contact Lenses

Cape Fear Eye Associates offers custom contact lenses made to order for your eyes. Lenses are designed using optical measurements taken during a contact lens evaluation along with a comprehensive eye examination to optimize the fit and comfort of the contact lens. Custom contacts are available in quarterly and annual replacement periods.

Partners In Vision is committed to providing patients with the best possible selection of fashion and sport specific sunwear.  Any frame in your optical shop can be fitted with polarized lenses.  We also offer styles from brands like Maui Jim and Ray Ban.  Please feel confident in referring any patient who can benefit from the advantages of prescription or non-prescription polarized sunwear.

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Research indicates that good nutrition can promote the health of the eyes and even reduce the risk of some vision-impairing diseases such as macular degeneration. Cape Fear Eye Associates offers some of the most complete supplemental formulas developed by ophthalmologists and nutritional scientists.

Placing Your Order

Simply call us at (910) 484-2284 ext 263 or 272 and one of our staff members will help you with your purchase.

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Whether you need frames, lenses or contacts the optical shop at Cape Fear Eye Associates can meet all of your optical needs. To become a registered patient or to ask questions about our product line, contact Cape Fear Eye Associates today, and one of our friendly eye care professionals will be happy to assist you.