Patient Letter

Dear Friends and Patients,

Over the past several years, Dr. John Krempecki has been a key member of the Cape Fear Eye Associates Team.  We appreciate the years of service and excellent care Dr. Krempecki provided to our patients and for the good memories he left behind.

While many of you may already know the following information, we want to take this opportunity to let all our patients know that Dr. Krempecki and his wife have relocated to Western North Carolina to be closer to family. We will miss our colleague and friend but we also wish him and his wife the very best in their new adventure.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience his departure may cause to any of our patients. All of our Doctors and staff are ready to continue providing you with the best eye care available. We have other Doctors within our practice who are capable and prepared to provide you with the best quality eye care. We are also currently searching for an additional Doctor to add to our staff and we have a new Doctor joining us this summer. We hope you will continue to trust us with your eyecare needs.

In the event that you were wondering about your medical records, please be assured that your medical records will continue to be maintained at Cape Fear Eye Associates unless you specifically request otherwise. If you have a follow up appointment with Dr. Krempecki, your vision care will be handled by one of our very capable Doctors who will continue to provide the best possible vision care to you and to all of our patients. If you need to make an appointment, please contact us to assist you and/or answer any questions.

However, should you need a copy of your medical records, please contact our office to complete an “Authorization for Release of Information” form, and we will be happy to comply with your request. However, our commitment to your eye health is as strong as ever and we hope you will continue your care at Cape Fear Eye Associates with one of our eye care professionals.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the continuity of your care, please feel free to contact us or drop by our office.


Michael Williams, MBA

Chief Operating Officer